Pecan Thief? Lock Up Your Nuts!

27 Jan 2011 by admin, No Comments »

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when hear the name Roswell, New Mexico?  Most people will automatically go to the mysterious crash landing or Area 51.  Well there is a new mystery surrounding the great town of Roswell and that is pecan theft.  That’s right pecan growers recently have seen a big jump in the number of thefts in the area.  What is causing this increase in thefts?  It is most likely due to the premium price pecans are selling for this year.  The underperforming crop and a big increase in demand from China brought on a much higher price point for pecans than recent years.  It has also brought on an increase in theft.

Who does this theft affect you would wonder?  The large pecan growers are the ones that have to worry the most.  They have large amounts of land to keep track of and it is very difficult to cover all of it.  Large pecan growers may have to worry the most but they are not the only ones hit by the thieves.   In Roswell the local museum and regular home owners with pecan trees on their property have been hit as well.  It seems there is no length a person will go to make an extra buck.  Even if that extra buck is obtained illegally.  Although this problem was reported in Roswell, I am sure it can relate to anywhere.  If you just have a few trees in your yard or are a grower, keep an eye out.  If you have picked pecans, lock them up.  If you have large orchards and it’s a problem increase security.  You never know who is out to make an extra buck.

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